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The Perfect Tiki Bar

Beach Cat Boats are producing, in very limited quantities, a highly customizable Tiki Bar on one of their pontoon, fiberglass, hulls.

Wefing’s has their first release on our lot.  If you were at the Pawdi Gras Parade in Apalachicola recently you may have seen the Tiki Bar populated with a crew of mermaids, having a great time!  If you missed the parade (which you shouldn’t, it benefits the doggos who need homes and other help) you can still see the Tiki Bar at Wefing’s Marine, at least until one of the many people who have expressed an interest in it snaps it up and makes it their own.

BeachCat Tiki Bar 14

The Perfect Parade Float and Tiki Bar.

View of the Tiki Bar on its trailer.

BeachCat Tiki Bar 49

Off to the Parade!

Tiki Bar and the mermaids from Mermaid Island all ready for a parade!

BeachCat Tiki Bar 01

Off to the Parade!

Marc loves pulling a boat in a parade, and does it every chance he gets!