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We started Panhandle eBikes because we believe electric bikes (Ebikes, eBikes, e-bikes, who knows?) are the future of mobility, especially in small towns and beach communities in America. The Forgotten Coast is a 110 mile long stretch of small beach communities like Alligator Point, Carrabelle, St George Island, Eastpoint, Apalachicola, Port St.Joe and Mexico Beach, along with miles of pristine beaches and forest trails that are perfect for exploring on an eBike. Panhandle eBikes mission is to make your vacation a more enjoyable experience and environmentally friendlier way to enjoy nature.

What are you waiting for? Get up and get moving! Explore the beautiful Forgotten Coast on a bicycle. Renting a bike gives you the liberty to explore the area at your own pace, get around quicker, see more sights and sounds than if you’re stuck on foot. Get the most out of your day and your trip to the Forgotten coast. Renting an ebike is fun, and best of all, the exercise is good for you!

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Backou Mule in Back Country

Quality and Value first


When we first started this business, we wanted to find a high-quality bike that provided riders with the best possible experience on an Electric Bike. After doing our due diligence, we kept coming back to three manufacturers- EBC, Bakcou Go-Cycle & Jupiter [our value line] for a very good reasons.Their bikes are high quality, comfortable and engineered to a level that surpasses all other bikes on the market today.

Our brands


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Jupiter electric bikes are a Florida born e-bike company that design and engineer the finest electric bikes on the East Coast. Boasting 4 iconic electric bike models, from fat tire e-bikes to foldable e-bikes and even an electric mountain bike. Jupiter electric bikes feature the top components and are a customer favorite electric bike collection.

Boasting the bestseller Jupiter Defiant electric bike, Jupiter electric bikes have found the perfect fat tire beach cruiser e-bike. With resistant fat tires to conquer sand and all-terrain, our EBC Riders use the Defiant for common activities including weekend rides, fishing, hunting (camo color available) and even commuting to work. With its foldable nature, just like the Jupiter Discovery series, this fat tire bike can fold away into the trunk of your car. The Jupiter Discovery X5, another US made e-bike has an older brother, the Jupiter Discovery X7 electric bike. With a few extra components, the Jupiter Discovery X7 is an awesome easy access electric bike for men and women.

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Built entirely in Newport Beach, California, USA, with global materials.Every Electric Bike Company model can be fully personalized so that it’s truly the right bike for you—choose every frame, fork, fender, chain guard, basket, rim, and rack, and they’ll custom paint every one before building your bike in Newport Beach, California. The bike then arrives fully built with a 48-volt battery that delivers a maximum output of 1250 watts, or 28 miles per hour, when needed to accelerate or climb hills while carrying a load (up to 250 pounds). These are perfect for navigating town, running errands, or just getting some fresh air.



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Bakcou was founded on a few basic principles. First, was our love for the backcountry and the desire to access these remote areas with minimal disturbance to wildlife and their habitat through quiet and non-pollutant means.

Second, was to design and build the most durable and efficient, yet affordable, electric bikes on the market. Our goal wasn’t to create a mountain bike conversion kit by simply adding a motor to a bicycle frame that wasn’t designed and intended to operate with one. Instead, we designed the bike around the motor and the drive train with the necessary framework and durability needed to withstand the abuse and demands placed on it, and then included a comprehensive warranty to stand behind it.

Third, Bakcou was built by sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts for those that want the same thing we do, which is to climb higher, go farther and explore more without adding more stress to the environment. Come join us, get out and enjoy the back country like you’ve never done before!

Dr. K.K.Doty

“Cyclists see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens. A good bicycle, well-applied, will cure most ills this flesh is heir to.”

– Dr. K.K.Doty

John F. Kennedy

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”

– John F. Kennedy, late former American president

Sarah Bentley

“You are one ride away from a good mood.”

Sarah Bentley, British cyclist

Diane Ackerman

“When I go biking I am mentally far, far away from civilization. The world is breaking someone else’s heart.”

Diane Ackerman, American poet

Rent a Bike for the Day – or week

By the Hour, Daily or Weekly!

Come by and visit our brick and mortar location at 105 Hwy 98 in Eastpoint FL, where we will carry a nice selection of eBikes in stock along with accessories for the different brands. We will also have a trailer on the road and fully equipped to rent and sell bikes. . . Call us to find out where we are on any particular day. We will have a selection of rental and demo bikes in the trailer as well as the ability to help you with any minor e bike adjustments on the spot.

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Defiant – Fat Tire eBike by Jupiter

Whether you rent a fat-tire bike to ride around the beaches or back-bay areas of the Forgotten Coast, or maybe ride the trails of Tate’s Hell, a road model to travel around Apalachicola or one of the other local hot-spots here on the Forgotten Coast. You can rent one for your whole vacation and carry it around with you in one of the receiver hitch mounted carriers we have available. With an eBike along for the ride, you will have up-close and personal access to some of the finest, most unspoiled areas of Florida that still exist today.
Backou Mule in Back Country

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issues ?

Have you already purchased an eBike, either online or from a big box store, and now you can’t find anyone to work on it for you?  Well, once again, Wefings has got you covered.  Call us for any issues you have with your eBike or questions about eBikes in general.  We can help with many of your questions.  If you need repairs, we will either have you bring it to us for repair or, in many cases, just get you back riding with a little informed advice.


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