23' Polar Bay Boat

Sea Pro 21 Bay Boat from our rental fleet.



The area’s finest and friendliest boat rental service!


Mission Statement
Welcome to Apalachicola Boat Rentals Our goal is to make your adventures better! We have an assortment of boat suited for the Forgotten Coast whether you are exploring, sightseeing or fishing. We want to be known as the best rental company on the Florida Panhandle!

All boats are equipped with modern GPS/Fishfinders with area charts and depth information, swim-ladders, anchors, and all required safety gear (excluding vests for small children). Every boat has some form of sun/rain/weather protection, either a T Top or a Bimini Top.

Reservation Process
We take our reservations over the phone (850-670-8100) and if you message us via website message (we do not respond to voice mails on our main phone line), we will get back with you next business day. After we connect with you, we will add you to our rental calendar, securing your rental. In the event of bad weather we will evaluate and decide if a rental is appropriate. Your safety is of our utmost concern. We will reschedule if possible and will do our best to get you out on the water.

Boats are picked-up/returned in the water to our slips at Battery Park Marina in Apalachicola (unless customer pickup on a trailer or multiday rental that is delivered). Customers will be contacted the day before their rental to arrange a meeting time. When we meet we will give an orientation of how the boat operates, safety gear location,where to refuel, do our contract/paperwork, accept payment and suggest some fun trips in the area.

Payment forms.
Cash (Exact amount, please. Our rep will not be carrying cash.)
Credit card. (Including American Express!)


  • We are closed on Sundays unless prior meeting arrangements are made (case by case basis).
  • Rentals start with full tank of fuel and must be refueled by renter at the end of the day or refueling charges will apply.
  • Delivery/pickup to Port St. Joe, Carrabelle, Lanark and Alligator Point is available for an additional $150 plus tax and requires a minimum 4 day rental.
  • Call about boat/trailer availability. A 3 day minimum rental, boat trailering and launching experience, and suitable towing vehicle are required for us to rent you a boat on a trailer.



Can we take the boat offshore fishing?
NO! Our insurance does not allow our rental boats out of sight of land.
Can we bring our dog(s) Heck yeah! Make sure to bring plenty of fresh water and if they are very active leash them to the boat so they don’t become gator treats or crab bait!
What time do we need to return the boat?
The boat has to be refilled and the fuel dock closes at five so plan to be back at the bridge around 430 to make it in time.

Where do we refuel?
Scipio Creek Marina Is located around the corner from the slips, under the bridge and down the Apalachicola waterfront approximately 2 miles. About a 15 minute boat ride (no wake). They close promptly at five so you need to be there at least 15 minutes before. Please allow ample time to get there.

Can we use the boat at night?
NO! Insurance requires our boats to be operated during daylight hours only.

Can we pick it up early/the evening before?
Usually the boat is rented the previous day and is not returned until after hours. In cases that it is not arrangements can be made.

I have it rented on the trailer, can I pick it up first thing in the morning?
Usually trailer able boats are pulled and put back on the trailer after the morning rentals have been completed. If the boats are in the water the evening before please allow additional time in the morning for pick up.

What type of fuel do I put in it?
Please use only non-ethanol marine fuel in our boats.

We have a house rented with a dock can we take the boat there?
You can take the boat to another dock and even keep it there if you have a multiple day rental. You will be responsible, however, for any damages that occur. Please notify us ahead of time so we can be sure there are ample bumpers/lines on the boat.

Do you provide fishing gear?
We do not. Only the required safety items to operate the boat are furnished, you must provide any additional items

Is there good snorkeling there?
Not really. Apalachicola Bay is kept cloudy because of the silt coming in from the 5 rivers that provide our unique estuarine environment and is not ideal for snorkeling. We do have delicious oysters and fantastic fishing though!

Can we beach the boat?
You cannot beach the boat from the Gulf side… only from the Bay side, and with great caution and awareness. If you get the boat stuck due to improper beaching it will require a call to SeaTow and you will be responsible for the bill.


Rental Pricing


Rental Term Rental Fee
Total With Tax
Full Day $350 $374.50
2 Days $650 $695.50
3Days $900 $963.00
4 Days $1125 $1203.75
5 Days $1350 $1444.50
6 Days $1550 $1658.50
7 Days $1750 $1872.50
8 Days $1950 $2086.50
9 Days $2125 $2273.75
10 Days $2300 $2461.00
Each additional Day after 10 Days $175/day $187.25/day


Call Now For Information Or Reservations: 850 670 8100


  • If you have a place to stay in our area and a safe place to launch and retrieve the boat, and have experience launching a boat from a trailer, ask about our rental with trailer program.
  • We have limited slips in Battery Park Marina (Ten Foot Hole). Ask about availability if you want a multi-day rental in Apalachicola.
  • Any other desires or needs? We are flexible, call first and we may well be able to accommodate you.


All Rental Pricing includes free one time delivery at Battery Park, Apalachicola.  Deliveries to select other boat ramps in the area (available with minimum 4 day rental) will be charged at the following scale.  *Any other applicable ramp fees to be paid by customer upon launch. (Typically $10 or less).  We only deliver to the following boat ramps unless previously agreed upon.

Delivery to: Port St Joe, Lanark Village, Eagle Harbor, Cape San Blas, $150.00 + Tax

Delivery to: Alligator Point, Mexico Beach, Mashes Sands  $200.00 + Tax



*May incur additional launch fee at ramp and/or fee to enter park. Any additional fees will be paid by renter.