A few testimonials from some of our customers …

We often have people thank us for our service, most often face to face but sometimes by email or social networking. We are proud of our service and are always happy to hear we made someone’s day with our policies or attitudes. Here are some recent examples…

I brought my boat and dropped it off
Since a use to have my own business at one time I remembered I loved unsolicited feedback from customers.
Spencer is a great asset for you.
Patient, kind and knowledgeable. Not pushy either with his suggestion style of selling. Very capable young man
Jason A******* via Text Message

We rented a C-Dory 25 from Marc & company. Had a blast. Good folks.
Tom H***** via Facebook

Recently bought a Used Ranger Tug from Marc
I really dislike buying from dealers, except for Marc.
He made buying the boat fun, Ron helped with all his knowledge and
Melissa got the paperwork done while keeping me in the loop.
Dan also gave me more parts info than I will ever use and who
to go to if they can’t help.
I will recommend Wefing and the crew any chance I get
Thanks guys
Bruce P **** via Facebook

Great guy to work with drove up on a Saturday night to pick up a boat Marc came out and made the delivery.we could use more service like that. thanks Marc Grove
James I***** via Facebook

Mark is a great listener and knows how to make it happen!
Mary Jo A**** via Facebook

Good morning Marc. I hope that you’re doing well. I wanted to send you a quick e-mail to express my appreciation to your service department.
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I picked up my boat from Wefings on the evening of Wednesday (5/16) after you guys had completed some work on the SMIS gauges. We had scheduled an annual fishing trip that we do with several of the guys that I work with for the weekend. Our plan was to drive my boat on Thursday through the ICW to St. Joe, then head out across the Gulf to Destin for a long weekend there. About 18 miles out of St. Joe, the starboard engine shut down with a Low Oil Pressure alarm. I pulled the cowling and noticed that oil was splattered all throughout the cowling and on the block. After we limped back in to St. Joe on the port engine, we were able to catch a ride with some friends back to Apalach to pick up my boat and trailer. After getting my boat loaded back onto the trailer, we hauled it back to Wefings. Due to the amount of oil splattered throughout the motor, I assumed that the boat was down for the weekend, so I drove out to the island to borrow my Dad’s boat.

When I arrived at my parent’s house to pick up my Dad’s boat, the motor (a 90 HP Yamaha) wouldn’t turn over. I had hoped that it was simply a dead battery, so we took it to the auto parts store to have the battery tested. The battery tested fine, so we had a bigger issue. By this time, it was right at 5:00, so I hauled my Dad’s boat as quickly as I could to see if I could catch anyone at Wefings before they left for the evening. Fortunately, I was able to catch Spencer and Ron. I explained my situation to both of them and they were both very eager to try to help (even though you guys were officially ‘closed’ for the day). Spencer and Ron both sat with me on the side of Hwy 98 with a bag of tools to try to isolate the problem. Spencer was able to quickly identify the problem as a bad relay on the starter. Luckily you guys had the part in stock and Spencer was able to install it in about 5 minutes.

Both Spencer and Ron could have said that they were already closed for the evening and then we would have been stuck there on the side of Hwy. 98, ready to start our weekend fishing trip with no boat. They both went above and beyond to help out and they truly helped to salvage our weekend fishing trip. It was very much appreciated.

Thanks again for the great service!

Nick E**** via email.

Thank you.

Sometimes you know right away that a person and dealership is the right one. You truly are terrific.

Bill G***** via email.

Please feel free to use Linda and I as references. Working with Marc and his team was excellent.

Peter & Linda V********* via mail-in card.

Suzuki sent us another nice letter and another service award again this year. Thanks to Suzuki and thanks to all our satisfied and happy Suzuki customers.  Our shop team continues to provide great service. We are proud of them and owe a big hearty Thank You to every guy in our shop.