With new ownership, new attitudes, new aggressive marketing ideas and manufacturing concepts, Twin Vee is making a serious push into the offshore power cat market as well as treasserting themselves as a premier builder of quality Bay and near-shore boats as well.

We here at Wefing’s Marine have always been big fans and supporters of Twin Vee. 16 Years ago the Baycat was introduced and the 19 Baycats helped us build our business. We have always offered at least one model of Twin Vee to our smaller boat fans ever since.

We are looking forward to working with the people of Twin Vee going forward. We will always strive to have something new from Twin Vee on our lot and will always be ready to help you custom order a boat direct from the factory. Twin Vee From Wefing'sOffering competitive pricing while providing you with all the benefits of doing business with a full-service marine dealership. We can help you with motor choices, custom rigging, making sure your trailer actually fits your boat, any warranty work that comes up, routine and yearly maintenance and repairs, and many other small details of boat ownership that contribute to years of happy boating.


As we get more information from Twin Vee about the new models and what is currently in production we will keep you informed. As always, feel free to call Marc at (850) 670 8100 for more information and to talk about Twin Vee, Wefing’s Marine and our possible place in your boating future.