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Don’t limit yourself!

Abaco Skiff Co builds a unique style boat that fits the high-end niche market of the most demanding angler. Although it’s a Panga style hull, it is not your standard Panga boat.

Abaco Skiff Co starts a new legacy...

Abaco Skiff Co is a new generation boat builder created directly from the Andros Boatworks family.

Over the years Andros Boatworks has built a series of custom hybrid style boats and sold consumer direct from the factory in Sarasota, Florida. Now, these same highly sought-after boats are built by Abaco Skiff Co; offering a semi-custom version at select dealers throughout the southeast as well as maintaining a consumer direct option in geographical areas without dealer representation.

Abaco Skiff Co will continue to build the Bonefish 22, Guide 20, Backwater 18, and 14 Skiff at the Andros factory and will maintain the same high standards of construction that has been established by the founders of Andros. Andros Boatworks is a family legacy… and now, so is Abaco Skiff Co.

Abaco Skiff Co – Don’t limit yourself!

Abaco Skiff Co builds a unique style boat that fits the high-end niche market of the most demanding angler. Although it’s a Panga style hull, it is not your standard Panga boat. You can purchase a highly finished base boat or customize it with an array of electronics, shallow water anchors, trolling motors and more. Abaco Skiff maintains a high standard of construction and offers custom options to both consumer direct and the dealership marketplace.

Panga (Boat)

The Panga is a type of modest-sized, open, outboard-powered, fishing boat common throughout much of the developing world, including Central America, the Caribbean, parts of Africa, the Middle East, and much of Asia. Panga boats are commonly just a hull with a rough finished interior, powered with low to mid horsepower outboard motors.

Abaco Skiff boats are different; they have been designed by Andros from concept to completion and are unique purpose-built boats, designed with a highly finished interior while sporting higher horsepower and sophisticated electronics if desired. Additionally, 100% of the Abaco Skiff boat line is built on premises in a 28,000 sq./ft. facility along with Andros Boatworks. From lamination and metal fabrication to the cushion and canvas; each boat is built by hand with the same quality that originated with Andros.

Abaco Skiff Models

With models ranging from the Bonefish 22 to the 14 Skiff, Abaco has a model for many nearshore, shallow water applications. Whether you want to fly fish and sight fish the flats, fish deeper areas of the bays and waterways, go beachcombing on empty islands, or just travel around the waterfront, enjoying the peace and quiet of a day on the water, Wefings will have an Abaco Skiff model that will suit your purpose. The different Abaco models are all built on a similarly designed hull but are all well thought out and laid out for different purposes.

Bonefish 22

The Bonefish 22 is more than just a bay boat, it’s a hybrid design allowing for offshore and inshore adventures. With a shallow draft of less than 8” on plane and the steep rise of the bow, if you find it too rough to fish offshore simply head for the backwaters and fish the flats. Either way, you won’t be disappointed about spending all day on the water.

The most fuel-efficient bay boat / hybrid on the market

The interior was designed for fisherman and their families with large fore and aft decks, comfortable seating for making long runs and easy to clean custom nonskid finish on the decks. Cross open bays, run the flats or venture out of the inlets to the reefs and wrecks. The Bonefish 22 was designed to get you there and back in comfort. It’s impressive speed and low horsepower requirement is a testament to it’s efficient hull design. A smooth, dry ride in rough water is achieved with a unique bottom design proprietary to Abaco Skiffs. If you want a custom built boat that won’t break the bank the Bonefish 22 is the clear choice.

Bonefish 22

Bonefish 22

Abaco Skiff Guide 20

The Guide 20

The guide 20 was born from a perfect marriage between our Backwater 18 and Bonefish 22. This boat incorporates layout and fishability from both. It’s a 3-piece design like the Backwater but has a stand up console and leaning post configuration. A perfect skiff for bays and beach fishing, or a tournament platform for the serious inshore and tarpon anglers.

The same high bow and sweeping shear found throughout our line of boats.

This design provides a smooth and dry ride when the seas pick up. A forward casting deck with ample storage allows for better sight fishing and fighting big fish from the bow. The aft deck is also large and home to a 35 gallon live well with access underneath to pumps and rigging. The Guide 20 is the perfect boat for light tackle inshore and near-shore fishing.

Abaco Skiff Guide 20

Abaco Skiff Backwater 18

Backwater 18

Never before has a company designed a shallow water skiff that can play with the bay boats in big water. Versatile and economical, the Backwater 18 is the first ever panga style / hybrid flats boat. Loads of standard fishing features, top-of-the-line hardware and a unique tunneled running surface make this boat the clear leader in the flats boat class. Features include a large sighting deck a nice forward casting deck with storage, an expansive cockpit and an aft casting deck. The integrated splash well will keep you safe when the seas pick up.

Abaco Skiff Backwater 18 performance gif

Tournament fisherman and serious anglers are no longer limited.

The danger of running a small skiff in big water has been eliminated. The ability to reach places never before opens the horizon to anglers everywhere. Add an optional jack plate and it will safely run in less than 8î of water. The most basic 18 comes standard with more features than most similar boats fully loaded with options. There is a lot of competition in the flats boat market. But the Backwater 18 stands alone in features, quality and safety.

Abaco Skiff Backwater18

Abaco Skiff 14 Skiff

14 Skiff

Introducing the newly designed 14 Skiff, ready for work or play. This low maintenance Panga style hybrid boat sports one of the highest freeboard for its size. With the distinctive chines characteristic to the Panga hull, you will also find this is one of the smoothest and driest shallow water skiffs on the water. With the ability to operate a tiller motor or have a true center console, you will find yourself in places most boats can’t reach.

Safe, economical and easy to maintain.

The all new 14 Skiff weighs only 620 lbs. and can easily fit inside your garage. It is rated to carry 4 persons or 520 lbs. and is a great option for a young boater, fleet skiff or quality dinghy. With the foam filled deck and no wood construction, the 14 Skiff is in a class of its own.


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