Brokerage and Used Boats

Wefing’s takes in many used boats on trade and markets the best of those here, after they have been serviced, cleaned, and any problems have been taken care of. Our current Used Boat listings are below on this page.

Wefing’s Marine also serves as a Boat Brokerage. If you have a larger boat that meets our standards, we will happily broker it for you, providing advertising and exposure as well as sales expertise and of course, access to our existing customer base while you keep your boat at your own dock or facility. We will also work with you to sell your smaller vessel on consignment. Typically, we keep consignment vessels on our lot while listing them on both our site(s) and Yachtworld.

Call Marc now to talk about having Wefing’s Marine sell your boat.

Wefings Marine Used Boat Listings

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