It has been an incredibly busy time for us at Wefings as of late. We have a new service manager at a time when our service business has never been better. We have been moving new boats off our lot, as fast as the boat companies can deliver them. We have orders in for Sea Pro’s, Twin Vees, Bluewater’s, Blackjacks, and Beach Cats. We just got a shipment of Carolina Skiffs that we are busy rigging and getting out on the lot as fast as we can.

We are not complaining!

However, all this business has gotten in the way of keeping up with our website, particularly with the listings on here. We are going to suspend trying to catch up with them until we have a little time to get them right. We’d rather have you call about a boat you hope we have than get your hopes up about finding a boat we no longer have.

So… to keep up with our new inventory, call Marc at 850 670 8100. He’s the authority on what we DO have and what we CAN get … as well as when we can get out hands on exactly what it is that you want.

We have some listings on BoatTrader as well, but not always all our current stock.  It can be a good way to see what we carry and get an idea what you are interested in.

We also have boat pages for all the lines we carry, which are linked in our main menu and down below on this page.

As for the boats that we have on order, this may be the best time for you to get involved. Often, we have a slot in the production line locked up, we know when we expect to get the boat, but if you get involved at this point there may be features or options you can get put on the boat right from the start.  It’s good to plan ahead but no worries, if you choose a boat off our lot you will still always have access to all the factory options.

As always, the best advice we have is call and talk to us.