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We have some eBikes. We are getting more. We will sell them. We will rent them. We will ride one around town and back and forth to our boat slips. We will bring you one (or more) to your rental boat from Apalachicola Boat Rentals when you pick it up, or drop it off, depending on how long you will have the boat. All things eBike are going to be going on at Wefings Marine this summer.

We have Boats. We have Bikes. We got the trailer roaming around the Forgotten Coast. Come visit us in Eastpoint or call us for the location of our trailer.


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Quality first


Wefings Marine likes to carry quality merchandise our customers can spend more time enjoying than maintaining.  This desire has always driven our search for the best boat lines to carry and now it drives our quest for the best ebikes on the U.S. market.  We have arranged to carry Jupiter, EBC, and GoCycles right now, and are looking for others to add to our lineup.  Our goal is not to simply give you an option to the big box stores who sell (mostly) Chinese bicycles semi-customized to the American companies specs, but to carry quality eBikes made by manufacturers who are intent on constantly improving their product and bringing the most advanced ebikes customized using best available components to you when you buy one of those products.  Come look and compare, you’ll see the difference.

Our brands


Jupiter Round Logo


Jupiter Folding eBikes.  They make quality products in a few useful configurations. They have a simple to use folding and locking mechanism, and you can get one ready for an urban commute or riding the sandy trails behind your favorite beach.  We have them in stock, ready to ride off on your own Forgotten Coast adventure.

They also have a blog with lots of ebike related posts and information.

EBC Bluetooth Speaker


In their own words:

ELECTRIC BIKE COMPANY strives to provide the best USA custom built electric cruiser in the world, by far, using high quality global materials, local bike builders, highest quality parts, inspected and tested in our factory…

We don’t have much to add, except to let you know we have selected EBC bikes in stock or can order you a custom built one to your specifications if you prefer.  Oh yeah, they also have an interesting blog.

Gocycle logo black


These are not your Father’s eBikes.  Gocycle uses carbon fibre, aluminum, and magnesium… Three different materials each optimised for different roles on the bike.  Their patented magnesium Cleandrive along with their clean, easy to live with design eliminates any cables, chains, gears, sprockets or oil, making riding a dream and cleaning the Gocycle fast and easy.

Learn more about Gocycles and the man who left a dream design job with McLaren Cars to dedicate his time to creating the bikes and the company.

You will love working with Wefings Marine!

Our Services

Just as we do with boats in our shop, we take maintaining your ebike after the sale very seriously.  We have two techs in the shop right now who are familiar with the bikes we carry and who have already been training so as to be ready for any situations that might arise with your ebike.  Buying an eBike from us, much like buying a boat, is entering into a long term relationship where we will take care of any and all issues that arise and keep you riding, not waiting around for some part to show up or searching out the problem on YouTube in hopes of being able to take care of it yourself. 

We will be here for you!

Dr. K.K.Doty

“Cyclists see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens. A good bicycle, well-applied, will cure most ills this flesh is heir to.”

– Dr. K.K.Doty

John F. Kennedy

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”

– John F. Kennedy, late former American president

Sarah Bentley

“You are one ride away from a good mood.”

Sarah Bentley, British cyclist

Diane Ackerman

“When I go biking I am mentally far, far away from civilization. The world is breaking someone else’s heart.”

Diane Ackerman, American poet

Rent a Bike for the Day – or week

By the Hour or Daily

We will have the Panhandle eBikes trailer on the road and fully equipped very soon.  We intend to keep it at our original site, the old Wefing’s building in Apalachicola and travel to St. George Island and perhaps other spots when the mood strikes.  Call us to find out where we are on any particular day.  We will have a selection of rental and demo bikes in the trailer as well as the ability to help you with any minor ebike adjustments on the spot.

Spencer Riding Model R 02
defiant preview

Defiant – Fat Tire eBike by Jupiter

Rent a fat-tire bike to ride around the beaches or back-bay areas of the Island.  Rent a road model to travel around Apalachicola or one of the other local hot-spots here on the Forgotten Coast.  Rent one to ride on some trails in Tate’s Hell (don’t forget the bug spray) or just cruise the beach out at the miles.  Rent one for your whole vacation and carry it around with you in one of the receiver hitch mounted carriers we will have available. With an eBike along for the ride, you will have up-close and personal access to some of the finest, most unspoiled areas of Florida that still exist today.

questions or ebike

issues ?

Have you already purchased an eBike, either online or from a big box store, and now you can’t find anyone to work on it for you?  Well, once again, Wefings has got you covered.  Call us for any issues you have with your eBike or questions about eBikes in general.  We can help with many of your questions.  If you need repairs, we will either have you bring it to us for repair or, in many cases, just get you back riding with a little informed advice.


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