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SeaArk Boats
SeaArk Boats

SeaArk Boats is a family owned and operated company, dedicated to building the strongest, safest, and most durable all-welded aluminum recreational boat on the market today.

Tough, durable, & versatile are words often used to describe SeaArk’s line of all-welded aluminum recreational boats. Boat Owners all over the United States rely on multi-purpose SeaArk Boats for fishing, duck hunting, traversing shallow rivers, hauling gear and supplies, moving people and a wide variety of other uses and adventures. While we do stock these boats from time to time, we recommend you let us custom order one of their many specialized models so you can have the boat that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

All SeaArk Recreational Boats are built to National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) standards, exceeding United States Coast Guard requirements for safety and construction. Being NMMA Certified means that your SeaArk Boat is better built, has more flotation, and contains NMMA certified components, all of which make a safer boat than a non-NMMA certified product. We use only heavy gauge aluminum for our hulls (.100 and .125) and our ribs, caprails and keels are all formed to be the toughest around.

Master Craftsmen
SeaArkBoats, a Correct Craft Company, share one goal; to build the toughest boat on the market. The SeaArk team is made up of generations and families of Master Craftsmen who have obtained the skills and experience to make this happen. Built one at a time by men and women who share the love of the outdoors and understand that hunting and fishing are not just a hobby but a way of life. We understand the importance of only having to concentrate on tasting the sweet victory of a trophy catch or a limit and not having to worry with the durability of a boat. Even the untrained eye can see that SeaArk surpasses the competition by using superior parts in the construction, such as larger extruded caprails, heavier 3/16″ extruded center keels, thicker aluminum construction, thicker tread plate floors, and oversized ribs. This is who we are. Our way of life. Join the SeaArk family and have a Boat Built fora Lifetime.

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Find Your Fit
SeaArk has many models, more than we can list, and many more than we can stock. We can assist you in your purchase of any SeaArk model we do not have in stock, though, and rig it out for you, deliver it to you ready to go, and maintain it for you for the many years of happy boat ownership it can provide.  Their Model Lines include:

  • Bass Series
  • Bay Extreme
  • Cat Series
  • Crappie Series
  • Commercial Series
  • DXS Series
  • Easy Series
  • Fish Extreme
  • Fish Extreme – V
  • Jons – Modified V Jet Tunnels
  • Jons – Modified V Tunnels
  • Jons – Modified V Models
  • Jons – Vee Jon Models
  • Mud Runner
  • Predator
  • River Extreme
  • River Extreme – V


There is lots more information about each of these models on the SeaArk website.  Find the one that best fits your lifestyle and let Wefings Marine put you in it.

If you need a tough, durable, workhorse of a boat built for a lifetime, contact Wefing’s Marine today to see about having us order one of SeaArk’s many specialized models for you.  If you are in the market for a river boat, lake boat, inshore shallow water bay boat, or any other aluminum boat, let Wefings Marine show you what we, and SeaArk Boats, can do for you.

Warranty Information

SeaArk Boats warrants, to the first retail buyer, its manufactured boats built after September 8, 2017, products against hull puncture. Hull puncture is defined as penetration through the aluminum bottom or side plating caused by collisions with submerged objects, other vessels, or docking facilities during normal use of the vessel. Hull puncture warranty does not include weld failures, frame deformation, or catastrophic groundings. SeaArk Boats reserves the right to inspect the product at our factory.


SeaArk Boats warrants to the first retail buyer of its manufactured products built after September 8, 2017, to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. In addition, SeaArk offers that the remaining portion of the warranty against structural defects in material and workmanship, of 2018 model year boats and later, may be transferred, for a fee, to the second (2nd) purchaser within five (5) years after the first date of delivery of the boat to the original user or purchaser, within fifteen (15) days after the second (2nd) purchaser’s purchase of the boat pursuant to terms and conditions established by SeaArk Boats, including those listed in SeaArk’s Request for Transfer of Warranty application.


Component parts not manufactured by SeaArk Boats, (bilge, aerator, gauges, etc.) will be warranted the length of the respected manufacturer’s warranty. Paint, Carpet, Upholstery, and LINE-X Protective Coatings will be warranted for one (1) year from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.

Why Aluminum not Glass?
Why Aluminum not fiberglass? From the SeaArk website:

  • Weight: Aluminum boats are typically lighter when compared with fiberglass models and require less power and fuel to run than that of fiberglass boats of equivalent size. Plus you can get away with a smaller tow vehicle.
  • Maintenance: Fiberglass is more susceptible to fading from ultra-violent light, and if you don’t maintain it, the boat will look chalky and faded in a few seasons. With aluminum you can typically just rinse down the boat.
  • Durability: Bang into a dock or a rock in a fiberglass boat and you’ll wind up with a deep scratch or chunk out of the gelcoat. A scratch in aluminum is often easier to fix.
  • Tradition: In fresh water, fiberglass is associated with run-abouts and cruisers, but the hard-core anglers seem to all use aluminum. Why swim against the current?
  • Resale: It’s related to tradition, but if you plan on upgrading in a few years, buy a boat that people in the area would want to buy from you one day. If everyone’s using aluminum, they’re not going to buy your used glass hull, no matter how awesome it is.

Find the one that best fits your lifestyle. If you need a tough, durable, workhorse of a boat built for a lifetime, contact Wefing’s Marine today to see about having us order one of SeaArk’s many specialized models for you.

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