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Since the 1990’s most major boat manufacturers in the market sectors Wefings Marine services have moved away from using wood and degradable foam and other natural materials in their boats and have begun constructing their boats using fiberglass, aluminum, composites, and other long lasting materials that are much more resistant—if not impervious—to decay completely.

This is great for boat owners in general.   It means that your investment will last longer and will stay more comfortable and safe for your use for a far longer period than older construction methods provided for. In fact, quality new boats often come with “lifetime warranties”… on the hull.

The downside, if there is one, is that a modern, new, fiberglass and composite boat—if it sees regular use—will almost certainly outlast the original motor it came with, even with careful and regular motor maintenance.

When this happens, a boat owner basically has three choices.

  • The first one that often comes to mind: Sell the boat—likely at a deflated price due to an under-performing motor—and buy a new one.
  • A much less pleasant one: Continue to use the aging and less reliable motor, perhaps suffering from increasing down-time due to ongoing maintenance problems or safety issues you just don’t need.
  • Much more desirable: Re-Power that boat with brand new, clean, efficient, four stroke power from one of the major manufacturers that Wefings Marine handles!Suzuki-V6 Power

Technology and constantly improved engineering have allowed for huge   strides forward in four-stroke marine motors in recent years. Many older issues with these motors are being resolved with a combination of both new technology and technology borrowed from the automotive industry. Weight issues, sluggish throttle response, and greater complexity along with high maintenance costs are all being addressed and are making the selection of a new motor exciting and fulfilling for many boaters.

tohatsu four stroke on inflatable

Re-powering gives you the chance to give that favorite boat new life, add years of use to a perfectly good hull, decrease pollution with a new engine sporting new high-tech methods of clean and efficient fuel use, decrease operating costs due to increased fuel economy and less frequent visits to the shop, and take advantage of some of the great deals, great warranties, and great service that are all available in a re-power job from Wefings Marine.

Yamaha-150-with skier

Wefings Marine can re-power your boat with modern four-stroke power from Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, or Tohatsu. We will work with you to determine which of your existing components will work with your new motor and take you through purchasing, installation, and servicing of your revitalized craft with the shortest possible down-time and the least amount of headaches. We will work to make sure your new motor is a perfect match for your boat, including working with you after installation to make sure you have the best propeller pushing your boat/motor combination, a factor too often overlooked that leaves people with a brand new motor and the same old performance.

Wefing's Motor Shop

Don’t be seduced by some big-box retailer price, a price “quote” that looks like you will save hundreds—or even thousands—of your hard-earned dollars by buying from an out-of-town warehouse who only care about moving volume, not satisfying long term customers. The quoted price may look inviting but is it just a motor in a box or is it the complete re-power job? Does it include installation? Does it include all the hardware needed for installation? How about any control or steering components you may need for your new motor? How will you resolve any unforeseen problems that may come up during installation? Does the motor have the backing of a full-time service staff with factory trained and certified technicians on board? Will you have the backing of an experienced sales and service staff if you ever do need to make a warranty claim?

Honda Motor Warranty banner

So, if you have a boat you really do like but which is starting to slow down, be hard to start, burn oil, and use too much fuel, you don’t automatically have to just buy a new one—although if you do then we are your guys for that to boot—you can explore the ways that Wefings Marine can re-power your boat and give it a new, long, lease on life.

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One small caution, the best time—here in North Florida—to re-power a boat is over the winter. This is a time when our shop is not so busy and you can expect to have a much faster turn-around time than during the height of our busy summer boating season.

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